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CircularIT, the platform to decarbonize your IT

CircularIT is the all-in-one web platform to reduce the environmental footprint and cost of your information system. It aligns your digital and environmental objectives. Eco-designed to limit its own footprint, CircularIT is a pioneer. It is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Catalan.

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Measure your IT footprint and cost at any time

Pilot live the environmental and economic impact of your information system according to the evolution of your IT inventory.

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Reduce the impact and budget of your IT strategy

Apply over 100 SMART practices to your IT strategy. Optimize your IT assets and reduce your IT footprint and expenses.

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Easily prepare for the European Green IT label

Measuring and reducing the IT footprint are at the heart of the Green IT label. CircularIT simplifies these two steps to facilitate your labeling.

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How CircularIT
reduces the footprint of your IT park



The measurement includes footprint from the manufacture, use and end of life of equipment (scope 2 and 3). It includes CO2e emissions as well as energy, water and natural resources consumption.



Apply over 100 SMART actions and KPIs to limit your digital impact. Engage all your departments with customized actions. Prioritize actions according to your goals.


Pilot your Green IT strategy

Use intuitive dashboard to track the implementation of best practices. Monitor your Green IT maturity and allocate your resources according to the progress of your strategy. Anticipate future IT footprints and costs.


Make your employees aware of Green IT

Raising employee awareness of the environmental and social challenges of digital technology is
an essential step in the acceptance and success of your Green IT strategy.
Sustainable IT culture must precede sustainable strategy and technology.

« Technology will not be greener than we will be ourselves. »

Guillaume Pitron

GameIT - an educational module

Raise your employees’ awareness with an educational, fun and, why not say it, competitive approach!


Educate all employees at the same time without having to mobilize them in a room.


Unite them around Green IT and create a strong and committed community.


GameIT is more cost-effective than an external provider.


ShareIT - ready-to-use

Regularly inform your employees about the environmental footprint of digital technology as well as the associated good practices. Our infographics, created by our graphic designer, address all the issues related to digital technology: manufacturing, use, energy consumption, etc.

More than 20 infographics are available to change the digital habits of your employees with simplified and illustrated information. The infographics can be customized with your company’s colors and logo. They are available in all formats.

More than 1’000 employees are already taking advantage of our infographics!

Our leitmotiv: rigor and security

Our database for environmental footprint measurement has more than 6’000 data from multiple recognized sources.
Our methodology is based on the GHG Protocol and ISO 14 040/44 standards.

Our entire platform and data are kept in Switzerland. This guarantees their security and privacy while limiting their
environmental footprint.