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A Sustainable IT strategy reduces costs

To achieve a better image and reduce costs, more and more companies are opting for sustainable practices in the digital realm, notes Ivan Mariblanca Flinch, founder and CEO of Canopé.

A Sustainable digital strategy, also known as Green IT, can be defined as the adoption of good digital practices aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of one's information system (IS) while optimizing its performance. This approach, which goes beyond a simple digital transformation, also offers significant economic benefits.

Increasingly, European companies are implementing Green IT in their digital transformation. Beyond a better public image, Green IT reduces IT expenses. For example, the digital sobriety policy at Schneider Electric would save costs of 10 million euros per year by reducing energy consumption and preventing the emission of 60 kT of CO2 compared to a growth hypothesis.

OBut how to understand that the implementation of a responsible digital strategy equates to a positive return on investment (ROI)? The central concept is that of digital sobriety, which aims to achieve equivalent or even superior performance with fewer resources. For example, a sustainable digitalstrategy includes monitoring the number of devices per user to avoid unnecessary overconsumption. It also encourages the extension of the lifespan of equipment, which is beneficial for the environment and leads to savings.

“The public image of a company is priceless. And Green IT is becoming increasingly popular.”

In addition to extending the lifespan of equipment, the Green IT strategy encourages the choice of more efficient and environmentally friendly IT equipment. Today, labels such as Energy Star certify the efficiency of these products. Purchasing refurbished equipment, often of high quality and sold at prices lower than new products, is another practice for reducing electronic waste (WEEE).

Finally, in the face of environmental challenges and growing social pressure related to their climate impact, companies are interestedin integrating a sustainable IT strategy into their digital transformation. This sends a strong message to all stakeholders, including employees, and improves the company'spublic image. After all, a company's reputation is invaluable, and a sustainable IT strategy is rapidly gaining popularity.

In summary, by adopting a Green IT approach, companies are playing a positive role in the environment and society, making substantial savings,and improving their public image. That is why the implementation of a sustainable IT strategy is, without a doubt, a winning approach in all respects.